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For the majority of the actors we have on our site you can send in your own items. Please visit this page and submit the form with the details of your item. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Newly Added

Plane 8.jpg

BoJesse Christopher

20 Wine 2.jpg

Ami Dolenz

Fake Death 3.jpg

Deborah Goodrich

IMG_3705 (1).jpg

C.J. Graham

20 Red Dot 6.jpg

Vinny Guastaferro

20 Ring Smile.jpg

Cynthia Kania

Doom 1.jpg

David Katims

20 Worry 5.jpg

Nancy McLoughlin

Bone Room 2.jpg

Teri McMinn

20 Claw 12.jpg

Kerry Remsen

20 Arrival 5.jpg

John Shepherd

Bar Closeup 3.jpg

Donna Wilkes


Welcome to Signature Horror!

Home to unique, and authentic signed merchandise from some of your favorite horror movie franchises and beyond.

We work directly with the actors and guarantee any of our items will pass third party authentication if you wish to seek it. We do offer our own certificates of authenticity. For many of those that we work with you will receive a digital image of them with the signed item, or you can upgrade to video authentication.

We also accept your items being sent in for signing for most of those we work with.


Cast Signed Items

These are items signed by more than one cast member.


A Nightmare on Elm Street (Franchise)

30 Nick Benson NOES4 Poster M.jpg

Nick Benson

20 Scan_0052.jpg

Brooke Bundy

View album “Headshots”.png

Ira Heiden

20 No Running 1.jpg

Leslie Hoffman

20 Rick Workout 4.jpg

Andras Jones

20 Toy Headshot 1.jpg

Toy Newkirk

20 Kincade Junkyard 2.jpg

Ken Sagoes

20 Mick Needle 8X10.jpg

Mick Strawn

20 Headshot 4 CROPPED.jpg

Brooke Theiss

Lisa Wilcox headshot.jpg

Lisa Wilcox

20 NOES2 7.jpg

Kerry Remsen


Friday the 13th (Franchise)

Jen Photo from Facebook.jpg

Jennifer Banko


Darcy DeMoss

20 Car 2 Smile.jpg

Bob DeSimone

20 Smile Before Terror.jpg

Tom Fridley

Outside Window.jpg

CJ Graham

20 Red Dot 6.jpg

Vinny Guastaferro

6 Piss Off Vertical.jpg

Tiffany Helm

20 Ring Smile.jpg

Cynthia Kania

Doom 1.jpg

David Katims

Water Jason Never Dies blue.jpg

Ari Lehman

Ethel Fists.jpg

Carol Locatell

20 USE Harry 3.jpg

Harry Manfredini

20 Worry 5.jpg

Nancy McLoughlin

20 Headshot.jpg

Tom McLoughlin


Lar Park-Lincoln

Reggie on Tractor.jpg

Shavar Ross