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Private Signing with Lar Park Lincoln

Your chance to get signed and personalized merchandise from one of Jason's fiercest opponents.

Welcome to the Lar Park Lincoln Private Signing Event! There are 31 items to choose from below. Please click "Load More" to see them all.

There is a wide selection of 8X10 photos, some 11X17 posters, a Funko Pop, and some Hockey Masks available.

You can also send in your own item to be signed by Lar. Do you have a mask or poster signed by Kane Hodder, Kevin Spirtas, or some other fellow cast member? Now you can send it in to us to add Lar to it.

You must first get your item approved with us. Please email us at We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your item. Please include a photo and description of the item.

IMPORTANT: All orders and items must be received by May 18th.

We have extended the private signing event, but if you have already purchased an item you will still be getting it in a timely manner. then new purchases will be sent out after the extension.