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Videos will run approximately 1-3 minutes, but may vary based on topic and message chosen.


Please share the type of message you'd like using the text area and dropdown choices. Be as specific as possible to make things easier for the celebrities to make a great video for you.


If it is an anniversary shoutout to your husband from his teenage crush, be sure to mention how many years you've been together. If it's to or from a group of people be sure to include their names. If you have a question or two you'd like answered in the video, please make sure it is a clear question. At times we might have a chance to ask for clarification, but we may not always be able to.


If it is a time-sensitive message, like an anniversary or similar event, please make sure your request gets in early. We can't guarantee next-day or two-day turnaround. We will usually have your video ready for you in under 7 days, but at times things like filming, travel, and at some point conventions may cause some delays. If there is ever a major conflict that prevents your video from being made, we will refund your purchase in a timely manner.

When your video is completed, we will link you to it through email as well as in a text message for easy access. You video will remain on the site for approximately 90 days. You will be able to watch it on our site, as well as download it to your computer or device.


If you have any questions please use the Live Chat feature on this page, or email us at

Lar Park-Lincoln Personalized Video Message